27 October, 2012

Hot Apps on Windows 8 Appstore

Hot apps fo Windows 8
Apps are Great and so is Windows 8, Selecting from a lot lets take a look at the Apps that are Hot!

  • MetroTwit
MetroTwit is one of the best apps out in Windows 8 appstore. MetroTwit for Windows 8 looks appealing in your start menu just as it does on your desktop. It has all the qualitys of a solid twitter client like viewing streams side-by-side, browsing user profiles, updates and so on. MetroTwit has a Free version, which is add supported and lets you manage one account. Though if you wish you could go for Pro for $5 which will let you manage multiple accounts and remove the adds.
  • Kindle E-book reader
Kindle E-book reader was specifically designed for Tablets like Surface but it works just as well on Windows 8 Desktop having all the features you'd expect in a Kindle app like, dictionary lookup, text and background colors, font size, highlighting and so on. You can pin your kindle books in your start menu to get right back to a book you're reading..
  • Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging 
These apps are preloaded in Windows 8 just incase you didn't get it download it from the App store. These are the basic everyday usage Apps which will get your work done quick and in an intuitive manner and right that too right from your stat menu.
  • Google Search 
Google Search for Windows 8 gives you a simple, nice looking search tile right at your home screen with added funtions like voice search, quick access to Google services like Gmail, Google Reader, News, Google Drive and so on.
  • Evernote 
Being one of the post popular note taking apps/services used. If you're also a fan of Evernote then you may want to try this. Evernote for Windows 8 does all the things the Evernote webapp do, like Editing, browsing, organizing and managing your note books right from your start menu in a fast and intuitive way.

  • TuneIn Radio
For those of us who like to hear streaming music or internet radio while working. This Windows 8 app gives you a live tile that gives you access to a massive collection of streaming music stations, terrestrial radio stations that simulcast on internet and global stations with live streams. As you hit the play button you'll see your current stream on a live tile on your start screen. While sreaming you can continue your work. You can even pin your favourite stations to the Start Screen.
  • Skitch 
Skitch for Windows 8 Gives you the ability to annotate and decorate images, manage uploads to your account, browse your uploaded images. Skitch can also be used to take photos from your webcam which you can edited with Skitch before upload-tion.
  • FlightAware
FlightAware for Windows 8 a great app for travelers and If you have to pick someone from the airport, Flight aware tells you everything and possibly more than you would want to know about your flight, its arrival time, date, current position even its speed and altitude. You can create a notification for your flights so you leave the airport at the right time. It even gives you track of the national flight delays.  
  • XBox SmartGlass
Xbox SmartGlass lets you can use your computer as a second screen for your XBox. You can control the browser on your 360 to bring up web pages, you can redeem codes and download games, and if you have downloaded music and video on your Windows 8 PC, you can push them to your 360 to display on the big screen.
  • Windows 8 Cheat Keys
With a massive change that Windows 8 brings with itself, its quite difficult to get used to and thats where Windows 8 Cheat Keys comes in for your help. The app offers valuable tips, time-saving hints and shortcuts which will help you get the hang of Windows 8 very quickly and intuitively.

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