22 October, 2012

Cool Desktop Apps And Start Menu for Windows 8 -Pokki

Note: some words used in the review can't be found in dictionaries so please understand what your brain says.
The rise of Windows 8, the fall of Start menus and Start Orbs. The removation(see?..) of Start Menu from Windows 8 is the at the helm of discussion for a while and several alternatives have taken place of the Start menu. The latest one of them is Pokki, and no its not related to pokemon in any way, well maybe the maker of this app has the same face as the pokemon maker's but Anyways, Pokki is a Desktop Windows application that provides tons cool web services as apps, such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc right at your Taskbar/Superbar and adds the functionality of Start Menu. Pokki offers tons of absolutely free apps ready to be a part of its sleek Menu which is not customizable but doesn't need to be either because its already Cool!

The Interface:
After Installation, you'll see a Start Orb at the extreme bottom left, where once lived Windows start Orb.. #emotional.  Okay.. Clicking the Orb will open up a menu, which houses Documents, Music, Pictures, ControlPanel items, Pictures, and my Computer and Favourites which basically shows your favourite apps. period. A search field you'll see at the top is capable of displaying both local and web results. Instant Download-tion of apps right from taskbar adds to its coolness, by not making you visit their site and downloading then adding.. clearification: it must me done. Moreover, Pokki houses an integrated notification system, which will, if you use Facebook, Gmail etc, show recent notifications in your taskbar.  
Moreover, The All Programs Menu shows the installed applications’ shortcuts. It allows you to instantly add a shortcut to the Favorites by clicking the Star next to each item.

The Settings panel of the app can be accessed by right clicking the Start Orb and clicking Settings from the context menu. From here you can enable Notification Banners and select the their position on your screen, toggle Boot to desktop and few others.

Pokki for Windows 8 is indeed a very cool app. with Cool Desktop apps and housing some cool features like facebook, gmail notifications, free apps in appstore. It adds the features of a typical usage of start menu like giving access to all installed apps, Control panel applets, documents folders etc and definitely worth an install.
Pokki Supports Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit both)

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