19 October, 2012

Communication made easy across languages with Google Input Tool

Have your ever faced a time when you wanted to chat with your friends in Japan or Email a fellow in Germany for some business ? And found yourself bounded by your lack of  your language specific keyboard ? 
Well, A bee or some robotic insect, probably sitting at your table or window right now!, has informed Google about your misery and Google has taken a step towards it by introducing more than 100 Virtual keyboards, transliteration and IMEs -collectively called Google Input tools, which collectively will make your communication easy across languages.

What will it do?

Eat your brains! na just kidding. These tools enables you to type in your accustomed keyboard layout's language. Making it easy for you to communicate with your family and friends in foreign countries. You can even switch between languages with one click.

So basically, Google Input tool enables you to easily communicate across multiple languages.

 How to Enable Input tools ?

Login to your Gmail account and head over to settings. Click show advanced language settings. Now check the "Enable input tools" and you'll see Input tools pop-up. Select the languages you want and click Ok. 

Once you’ve enabled it, you’ll see the Input Tools icon next to the Settings button in your toolbar, and you can turn on and off any Input Tool from there.

Before these new virtual keyboards, Gmail only supported 5 languages and now it supports 75 languages.
Being the most popular mailing service, Gmail, has users all around the world.

Gmail’s users are from all over the world—and language should never get in the way of a good conversation.

If you'd like to use Input Tools in other places, try out the Chrome extension, the Windows desktop client or the Android app

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