19 October, 2012

Bing Beats Google in a Blind Test

You heard that right! and sincerely speaking i never thought i would live to hear that. Bing has finally taken the lead in the race of Search engines, well atleast by the no. of customers satisfaction. Microsoft claims that hey have a better Search engine. Their claim was based on a recent research conducted by the company's "Bing it On Challenge', which blind tested the two search engines.
Microsft said that the challenge has had over 5 million visitor and it offered users a blind search experience which basically means that the users will use the two search engines without knowing which brand, Google or Bing, they are searching on and tell which one they thought was better.
A research partner hired by Bing, asked thousands of those who took part in the challenge.
Apparently 64% of respondents said they were amazed at how good Bing's search results were. 33% Google users said they will be using Bing as their primary search engine after taking the tests. A  further 50% stated that they always had Bing hiding in the closet and never knew how good it was compared to Google.
More worryingly for Google however were the 1/6 of users that said the results showed growing cracks in the search results offered by Google.

Well well.. the statistics clearly show that Bing has finally started to be a stable option in search engine world. The vital statistic showed that users preferred Bing to Google by a ratio of 2 to 1.
Of course the results should come with the caveat that it's far from a random sample, and may well contain quite a decent amount of Microsoft and Bing fans.But still beating Google by such a margin is no easy task.
The race for the best never stops, and Google with its Knowledge engine, lets see what cookin up. Till next time.

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