16 October, 2012

8 Most effective Seo guides to drive quality traffic to your blog

Drive Traffic to your Blog with SEO

Setting up a blog is easy, driving traffic towards it is what requires brainstorming.  That doesn't mean it can't be done by everyone. Infact, everyone can do it, all they need to know is HOW.
So here are the top 8 ways that will make your blog or site Search engine Optimized and hence, provide quality traffic.

1. NICHE and Keywords

The first thing before anything else is Picking a proper niche in which you are able to provide quality content.
 Always remembers, Niche is your competition not search engine.
If, for example you've picked niche 'make money online' which has VERY HIGH competition in the niche market you should try a way around them by using several long tail keywords. 

Long tail keywords are search terms, that regular internet users will use in their google searches. What you need to do is to think as someone who is searching for content. Just sit back relax and think what will people use in their search terms if you they want the content that YOU have to offer them? What would they type? For instance, they could type:

  • how many ways there are to make money online
  • Ebooks for making money online
  • Best ways to earn money online
  • Easy money online
You can ofcourse use short tail keywords like
  • Makingmoney
  • Eaymoney
etc. But remember the shorter keywords the higher the competition.

2. Domain Name

A keyword based Domain name plays a role in driving traffic to your blog. Before Picking your domain name, be sure that it contains your keywords. It means a lot in the SEO buisness. If you are tapping in 'make money online' area. You would want names, containing those words inside, for instance:

  • Makemoneyonlinefast.xxx
  • fastonlinemoneymaker.xxx
  • Moneymakingonline.xxx

3. Title and Description

 Before making first post, be sure, you have properly setup your Blog's title and description. The fourth most important thing for better SEO is title, and description, 7-8 words are enough for title and 20-25 words for description and try to keep them highly targeted and related to your keywords.

Title: Most effective ways to make money online.
Description: Learn the proven ways to make money online with us.

So, title and description MUST contain keywords you are using, and it will look like this in google:

This is a fake image, it just shows you how it will look on google.

4. Content Writing 

While writing a new post, pay serious attention to what you write. SEO optimized content is important. But don't overload your post with it when you make post. Overloaded SEO in each of your post can you drag you towards the unsafe side.
The best and still working methods are using keywords, in the title of your post and after that in begining, middle and then at the end of your post.
Again, don't overload it with keywords, this can make the post look meaning less and eventually loose interest of your reader. 

5. Images

Images can drive quality traffic to your posts or blog. Always use descriptive alt tags and titles, they work like traffic magnets for your posts or blog.
Similar to keywords, Think how would YOU search for an image, not the article, and add alt tags according to that.

alt and title tags can be seen in this example:
<a href="http://somesite.com/someimage.jpg" alt="Some descriptive tags with keywords" title="This will show when user rollover with mouse over image" />

6. InterLinking

Interlink your posts, which target same or similar keywords. Links must not be nofollow. Doing so, so that google can jump from post to post, index both posts, check relevance of them, and reward you with better spot in SERP.
Interlinking Example: Jailbreak Iphone

7. BackLinking

Backlinking plays a huge role for building traffic to your blog. You want backlinks coming from all possible platforms. You can find thousands of them online few of them would be:
By Guest Posting or Commenting on Blogs:

Social bookmarking sites:

Social networking sites:

RSS Feed Aggregators:
RSS Micro

Forums, article directories, yahoo answers, and tons of other websites and different platforms. Best are those with traffic ofcourse.


8. Things To Keep in Mind

  • Never post 100 posts in one day, and then next day you stop posting. 
  • Never keyword stuff posts. This means adding crap at the end making non meaningful text filled with keywords, like: 
make money online, make money online fast, fast way to make money online, get rich fast by making money online....and similar crap. Google tolerate this to a certain amount, and then slaps you by deindexing you, or dropping you on 100th page..whatever he does, it means, byebye traffic.

  • Never overuse keywords in title, repeatedly from post to post.

Final words:
If you are new to blogging and SEO. I'd say thats great. Just keep a few points in your mind:
Stay Focused, Stay Dedicated and Stay Alert. They seem quite off topic but believe me they are the most important parts of your career so Stick with them. After that Follow the Guides, Implement them, Experiment them and i you'll see the your online business bloom.

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