24 September, 2012

How to block an arbitrary port with ipfwadm

Tip provided by Carey Evans
> What I want to do is use ipfwadm to block a single port - namely 31337
> (UDP). For anyone who has had their head in the sand for the last few
> months, that's the port that Back Orrifice listens on by default.

ipfwadm -I -a reject -P udp -D 31337 -o

  -I = check incoming packets.
  -a reject = Let the sender know we're rejecting them.  You can use
    "-a deny" instead to drop them silently.
  -P udp = UDP packets only.
  -D 31337 = destination anywhere on your network (fix
    this) on port 31337.  Maybe " 31337" to stop *your* users
    connecting to another BO server.
  -o = Log the address of the offender, so you can complain to their ISP.

This will also drop some legitimate UDP comms, if something happens to
grab port 31337 itself.  I could live with this.

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