20 February, 2017

How to Open up Multiple Images in a single doc. in Photoshop

How to Open up Multiple Images in a single doc. in Photoshop

In Photoshop you can open up multiple photos in one window or tab, easily. Below you'll learn 3 ways to do that.

1. When You Have An Open Document

The process to add an image in an open document is easy. With the document open, click on File > Place Embedded. Then, move over to the image you wish to add and click on, Place. The image will come with 'transform handles', allowing you to move and resize it. Once you're done with it press Enter and you have added the image to your document.

2. When You Don't Have a Document Open

When you don't have a document open or wish to open up more than one image at once, do this: Head over to File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack. Then, in the load layers box, click browse and select your images with either holding CTRL or SHIFT. and after you're done with it, press OK.

3. When You Want to Insert An Image From Another Document

Head over to Arrange and select 2-up Vertical or 2-up Horizontal. Your most recent image will be your active window and your photoshop tools will work on it only. Click the image and select move tool( Shortcut : V) then click and drag your image to another document. and that's it.

Now you know 3 ways to open multiple images in one Window. 

30 January, 2017

Run Android on PC


Wishing to get your android apps running on your pc ? Well, then you are at the right place and you might not know, but it's very, very simple.

Bluestacks (Android on pc)

There are times when you wish to experience android apps on a bigger screen, or just wish it for anything. Well, Bluestacks is a remarkable software that allows you to fulfill your wish without intstalling the complete Android Software Development kit. Bluestacks is basically a virtual machine that makes it possible to run Android on Windows. It also has with it the playstore. So, running your android app has now become a child's play.

It's smooth like a washed soap on the latest machines. Which, is not exactly how it was in the start. In the early days, a couple of years back, the roads were bumpy, and irritated in one thing or the other. Not anymore though and it's become quite usable now, and all the previous bumps have gone smooth.

Keep in mind though that you can only run Andorid 4.2.2 Kitkat(You'll need Android SDK if you want any other version of android) and you can use the multi touch feature only if you are running Bluestacks on a Multi touch screen.

Install Bluestacks

Simply head over to the download page and choose your system's preferred version to download, then download it. We are using Windows PC, but if you're on a Mac, the steps don't change.

After the downloading gets completed, execute it. Complete the process of installation while making sure that you select the two check boxes that will give bluestacks access to the App store and Application Communications.

Then, Sign in with your Google account. Having a bluestacks account will allow you to chat with your friends in-between gaming(same game) and everything will be synced no matter where you use bluestacks(laptop, pc, whatever)

After that, you'll be shown the Bluestacks interface and the emulation of android device.

Now go through just as you would on the start of a new android device, like sign in etc.

After the sign in(bluestacks and google) you'll get two emails from google saying the you just signed in into firefox and Galaxy S5. Neither of the emails are anything to worry about.

And now you have an Android(emulated) device which is your PC. Have fun!

08 January, 2017

Use Facebook through Keyboard Shortcuts

If you wish to use Facebook through keyboard, rather than your mouse then there are some shortcuts that can help you with that.

A thing to note is that if you are using firefox you need to press Shift+Alt rather than Alt, meaning: if the shortcut is Alt+1 then on firefox you need to press Shift+Alt+1.

So lets get started:

Alt+M is for New Messge.

Alt + 1 is for Home Page 

'Alt + 2' is for going to your 'profile page '

'Alt+3' is for showing your 'Friend Request'

'Alt+4' is for opening 'Messeges window'

'Alt+5' is for opening 'Your Notifications'

And for other pages, like privacy, help pages etc you can hit shortcuts from  0-6.

02 January, 2017

How To Make a Live Ubuntu USB With Persistent Storage

Ubuntu Bootable Persistence USB Key Drive

A casual live Linux USB drive holds your data, settings and other stuff until you boot it. To create a drive that retains all your settings, apps etc, even after you boot it, you’ll need to create a live USB with persistent storage.

What's needed:

A spacious USB is required to make use of the persistent option. Ubuntu needs 2gb for itself, alone. So with a 4gb USB, you’ll get 2gb of persistent storage.

Although Ubuntu recommends Rufus to make your USB bootable but with Rufus, there is no persistent storage option with it. So you’ll need another software, such as Linux live USB creator. And the Ubuntu ISO file.

How To Make Persistence USB Drive:

Put your USB inside the port and open the ‘Lili USB creator’ app that you just downloaded.
In “Step 1: choose your key”: Select your USB key.

Linux Live USB creator

In “Step 2: Choose your source”: Click “ISO / IMG / ZIP” And direct it towards the Ubuntu ISO file. 

In step 2 Choose your Ubuntu ISO file

In “Step 3: persistence”: Control the slider and choose how much persistent storage you need, slide it all the way to the right for maximum storage, and that’s all for the configuration part.

 In “Step 5: Create”: just click the lightning icon to produce the USB drive with persistent storage.

The app will take some time to inform you when your USB key has become a persistent drive.

To make sure your USB has become a persistent drive, boot the USB key and create a folder on the desktop. Then, shut down your computer and reboot your live USB key again there you must be witnessing your folder on your desktop.

25 November, 2016

How To Get Rid of User Accounts in Windows 7, 8 and 10

Remove user account on Windows 

If you have user accounts on Windows that are of no need anymore, then it's time for them to be deleted.

Do note, that if your user account is hidden then it won't be deleted unless you re show it and you need to be active as an administrator too before you can delete a user account.

Before proceeding to delete a user account, make sure you backup user's data which you can easily do by copying or cutting the folder under C:\Users to anywhere else or an external drive.

Remove User Accounts In Windows 10 and 8

The process of removing user account is simple. Click, "Settings" in the Start Menu.

In the Settings screen click, "Account".

On the Account screen click, "Family and others" on the left side.

Then on the right side scroll down to other people section and choose the account you wish to delete and click, "Remove".

Then you'll be prompted whether you want to backup your files. You should've backed up your files and settings, if you have. Then click "Delete account and data" and this will remove the user and all its data.

Removing Account In Windows 7

First make sure you have administrative privileges. Then go to start menu and in the search bar type "user account",  then on the list that appears click the first item.

Then in the opening window, click, "Manage another account".

Then on the next window, click on the account that you wish to delete. And on the next window click" Delete the account"

After this you'll be asked to delete or keep your files but i'd prefer the manual way to backup your files as automated method doesn't save all your files.

On the opening window click on "Delete account".

11 November, 2016

How To View .eps Files

Eps(Encapsulated Post Script) files are one of those image files which require external software rather than the default photo viewer in Windows to get opened and thankfully there are many software available out there for Windows. Here are two of those software.

EPS Viewer

It does what its name suggests and Eps viewer is your best option if you want to do just that.  

Once it’s installed. Open the Eps file, if it doesn't open automatically then right click on the file, choose “open with” and choose “another app”. Below other options, click Eps viewer and check “Always use this app to open .eps files”.

Besides being a viewer, it can also perform some tasks, like, rotate left or right, resize and you can also save your file in a different format like, Bitmap, JPEG, TIFF and even GIFF.

It will get the job done fine.


With Irfanview you can view more types of image files and it's a nice software to have on your pc, in case you encounter an image file with an irregular extension.

As you install it, you can open majority of these image files, but for EPS files a few more things are required before you can view them.

The first thing is IrfanView’s plugin. It is an easy to install file which can be downloaded from its own website.

The second thing is Ghostscript, which is an easy to install file too. It is an open source postscript interpreter. Simply head towards the download page of Ghostscript, here, choose "Postscript and PDF interpreter/renderer" then while installing choose whether you want the 32 bit version or the 64 bit.

Now you are all set to view EPS files.

Irfanview can do the basic stuff like, rotate, resize, open, save and zoom, just like EPS viewer.

While also packing a whole lot features. Going in the Edit menu you'll see we can crop, insert text, crop and do some other stuff.

Going through menus you'll see that with Irfanview you can do alot more stuff other than simply view EPS files.

08 November, 2016

How to get rid of Microsoft edge's suggestions


Taskbar and action center advertisements in Microsoft edge are an irritation just like other advertisements in Microsoft Windows 10. To disable edge advertisements read on;
The pop ups of Microsoft edge are basically Microsoft operating system's adds. Turning them off is fairly easy.

Click the start menu and then click on settings

Now go to System > Notifications & Actions.

Go down a little and you'll see the Notifications section. Under it, disable, “Get tips, tricks & suggestions as you use Windows” option.

And that is all you need to do to stop getting constantly nagged by Windows.

Disable Website Notifications In Microsoft's edge

Website’s promotion seen in edge won't be seen in other browsers because the website would have been granted the permission to show notifications through edge browser. This feature was added in Microsoft's Anniversary update.

You can change this, go to edge's menu then go to settings then to advanced settings. Then under the Notifications tab, click “manage” to see and manage the websites who can show you notifications on edge.

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